Welcome to IBSAT Mock Test hub
To familarize yourself with IBSAT - you should take mock IBSAT.
You will get following benefits by taking a mock IBSAT.
  1. Assess your preparation for the main examination to be held in December, 2015. You will know which topics you have not mastered and get a clear understanding to focus future learning on weak areas.
  2. You will learn how much time to devote on each section.
  3. By taking mock tests you will make sure that you will retain what you already know because knowledge unless used can fade away. Research also supports this premise.
  4. You will become more confident about your test taking ability.
  5. You will reduce test anxiety because you would already have practiced in a time bound manner.
  6. It is also seen that giving formative or practice tests seems to improve learning as well as final exam results. So if you want to fare well at IBSAT 2015 and other similar tests then taking mock IBSAT will help.
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